Your Fall Camping Checklist

Don’t forget these essential items for camping in the fall

When it comes time to load up your pack (or the car) and head out into the changing leaves and crisp air to spend the night under the stars, the last thing you want is to forget a key piece of gear. Fall may be one of the best times to go camping, but those favorable temperatures that make it easy to sleep can also change quickly. That said, it’s best to be prepared for whatever fall might throw at you; be sure to run down the checklist to make sure you have everything you might need.

—First aid kit

—Bug repellent



—Lights (as in, a head lamp and lighting for camp)

—Sleeping Pad

—Sleeping bag (rated for the conditions you’ll face)

—4-Season tent

—Versatile jacket

—Base layers

—Wool socks (two pairs)


—Hand and foot warmers

—Hiking Boots





—Camp stove and cooking gear

—Thermos and hot coffee or tea

—A towel

—Biodegradable soap

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