The Most Insane Cliff Camping Destinations

Combine the relaxation of camping with the excitement of conquering summits in one thrilling trip


Camping and rock climbing are two adventurous sports that seemingly don’t go together. After all, sleeping in a tent hanging hundreds or thousands of feet above ground sounds more like a once in a lifetime experience than a hobby. But thrill-seekers have turned it from unthinkable to a bucket list expedition.[slideshow:89172]

Combine the relaxation of camping with the excitement of conquering summits in one trip. It is, however, not for the faint-hearted. Adrenaline lovers need a courageous spirit, proper rock climbing equipment, and a portaledge – it’s like a portable camp bed that mountaineers sleep in during vertical ascents that take a few days.

Camping on a sheer rock so high that you can’t even see the ground because of a sea of clouds under you is a rare feeling. It’s also a topic of exhilarating conversations with friends for years. Some may prefer this kind of extreme camping because there are no crowds or annoying neighbors and the panoramas are unparalleled.

You can set up a portaledge on any rock you’re climbing. But location is also important when it comes to sleeping while suspended in midair. Companies in the U.S. and abroad are beginning to offer this kind of bragging rights adventure, and they don’t require previous climbing experience

Most people wonder how anyone would be able to fall asleep thinking that one wrong turn can be their last. The answers are two: First, you’re exhausted after climbing to the spot; and second, the ledges are made to be extremely strong.

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