Most Dangerous Summer Camping Spots in the U.S.


Studies show that even a short walk in the park can calm the mind while changing the way the brain works to improve mental health. People who spend time in nature cope better with stress, feel happier and have more self-esteem.[slideshow:102142]

There are many amazing places all over the world where you can camp with the comfort of knowing you’re safe, but adventurous people are always looking for more daring ways to add a thrill to their trip while sleeping outdoors. Setting up a tent on the side of a 4,000 ft. cliff face will suffice. So will literally hanging out in the mountains or camping while at sea. Underwater camping is not practical by any means but two people have proved it’s possible.

Familiarize yourself with the camping area so you know what to do if you decide to bail. Tell someone who is not coming with you where you plan to stay so they know where to look for you, if necessary. And make sure you have the right tent for camping. But sometimes, even a tent is not enough to protect you from the elements or the creatures you have to share the campground with…

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