Hedge Fund Analyst Breaks Treadmill Running World Record

Chris Solarz ran 77 miles to break the record for "Greatest Distance Run in 12 Hours on a Treadmill”

You know those workouts where even just 30 minutes on the treadmill feels like an eternity? Can you imagine what keeping that up for 12 straight hours might be like?

35-year-old hedge fund analyst Chris Solarz doesn’t have to imagine. He actually did it, and he broke a world record while he was at it. On Jan. 18 at the Fitness Factory Health Club in Edgewater, New Jersey Solarz covered 77.07 treadmill miles in 12 hours, breaking the previous record of 76.68 miles by just under half of a mile.

Solarz told CNBC that his treadmill stint was the “most physically demanding” of all the Guinness records he’s broken. His other records include stair-climbing 33,000 feet in under 12 hours, stopping at all 468 New York City Subway stops in less than 23 hours, visiting 250 bars in 24 hours, and two marathon running records—one of which includes the record for “the fastest cumulative marathon on all seven continents.” To top it all off, he’s previously run over 500 races, more than 200 of which were marathons and six of which covered 100-mile distances.

Holding an average pace of 9 minutes and 20 seconds per mile, Solarz completed the 12-hour run surrounded by his friends and family, who swapped turns supporting him by joining in on neighboring treadmills.

According to Solarz, achieving lofty, record-breaking goals is all about efficiency. In a promotion featuring above and beyond runners Solarz explains: “You can only have a few priorities in your life and for me it’s really been my work and running and family. And they’re not mutually exclusive because you can kind of do it all, but you have to be efficient.”