Healthy Things You Can Have Too Much Of

Spinach, exercise and 8 other healthy things you may need to cut back on

You eat right, exercise frequently, spend time outdoors and get a whole lot of sleep—that must mean you’re the model of good health, right?  Maybe not; if you’re overdoing it you could actually be harming your health.

The old adage, “everything in moderation,” seems to ring true in every aspect. It was once believed that only sweets and bad habits needed to be moderated, but we now know that some of the healthier foods and habits can be bad for our health in excess. From spinach to exercise and even water, these healthy staples can become health troubles when practiced or consumed too often.

Though some of the side effects are rare, these health concerns should be taken seriously. If you think you’re living a healthy lifestyle, you might want to look further into our list of healthy things you can have too much of.


Through the latest health trends and new studies, it seems the only thing that you can be absolutely sure of is that exercise is good for you. If there’s anything you can count on to keep you healthy it’s exercise, right? Well, yes, but too much exercise can definitely be harmful. Over-exercising is becoming a big issue, especially for athletes and those trying hard to lose weight. Too much time in the gym can lead to burnout, injury and exercise addiction, which can, in turn, have major negative physical and psychological effects.


If you haven’t tried a juice cleanse, you’ve certainly heard of it and although a combination of fruits and vegetables in a glass may sound healthy, you should take a closer look. Most fruits and vegetables are good for you because of their skin and fiber, most of which is lost when they turn to liquid and that detox idea—forget about it. There is no scientific proof that any juice or product can help you detox or cleanse the body. If you want to drink juice, stick to a very small amount and get your fruit and vegetable fix elsewhere.

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