Stuck in a Weight-Loss Rut? Here’s How to Pull Out of It

Have you lost motivation? Some tips to help you get back on track
Stuck in a Weight-Loss Rut? Here’s How to Pull Out of It

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Reaching your goal weight can be a challenge. You started your journey extremely motivated as you watched the pounds drop off, then suddenly you plateaued. The scale won’t budge, you still haven’t reached your goal weight and you’re frustrated as to what to do next. Don’t fret, there are many ways to get yourself back on track.

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Start by reassessing your habits. Recognize what food-related habits might be an issue, then start problem-solving to address them. Make sure that you are keeping track of your daily calories — how many calories are you consuming and how many are you burning? Also, consider changing up your workout routine; it’s a great way to challenge and re-motivate yourself.

Are you getting enough sleep every night? Lack of sleep can lead to less drive and motivation toward your weight loss goals. “Numerous studies have shown a link between quality Zs and maintaining a healthy weight,” says Cori Cohen, RDN. “Tweak your routine so that you can reap the benefits of a solid 7-8 hours of slumber. Notice the difference in your food cravings and appetite when you get a quality night’s sleep versus a few restless hours. It is likely to amaze you!”

“Healthy sustainable weight loss takes time, and just because you do not see the scale move one week does not mean it won’t the next,” says Cohen. Get back on track toward achieving your weight loss goals with these tips on how to pull out of a weight loss rut.