Survey: Millennials Most Likely to Go to Fitness Extremes

Just like with taking care of your car, by making smarter choices today, you can add years to your life, one mile at a time
Survey: Millennials Most Likely to Go to Extremes to Reach Fitness Goals

A survey conducted by Orlando Health, a Florida-based chain of hospitals, found that 90 percent of men have changed their lifestyle in order to reach their fitness goals, or so they thought.

More than half of millennials are practicing unhealthy habits like taking unregulated supplements and working out more than four days per week. This is extreme and can lead to unintended health consequences, doctors say.[slideshow:104364]

Dr. Jamin Brahmbhatt, MD, urologist at Orlando Health, co-director of the PUR Clinic at South Lake Hospital in Clermont, Florida is one of two doctors on a mission aimed at helping men avoid risky nutrition and fitness fads. They are going on a tour across the country raising awareness about common mistakes men are making. “When we give them the facts they often have that ‘aha’ moment,” Dr. Brahmbhatt adds.

It turns out men do care about their health and aren’t “full of excuses,” which is what most people assume. “In the past 5 years we have talked to thousands of guys and have found out they are receptive to the information we provide,” Dr. Brahmbhatt says. They just need a guide to get them the right facts, he adds.

It’s certainly easier to just do some research online for ways to “improve your health” but the information is not vetted and could be a trap to get them to pay for pills and fitness programs.

This is where Drive for Men’s Health, the doctors’ project comes in. “Five years ago my partner and co-founder of [the drive], Dr. Sijo Parekattil, bought an electric car which we decided to drive up to NYC from Orlando to visit our families. During the journey we organized educational talks at the Tesla charging stations and on social media while we are driving. We got great feedback on using the car as a magnet to get guys talking.”

The second and third year they drove 6,000 miles over 10 days. The following year they drove another 4,000 miles. “This year we will hit about 3,500 miles in cities across the country in a new car, BMWi8, electric hybrid sports car.”

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