25 Lazy Ways to Flatten Your Belly Fast

Everybody has a 6-pack; it’s just underneath the fat


Losing weight requires determination and consistency, but for those of you who just “don’t have enough time in the day,” or just simply find exercise boring, you’re in luck. There are plenty of things you can do every day that hardly require any effort. For instance, drink more water, go to sleep earlier and eat slower.

A flat stomach can be achieved by practicing healthy habits, one of which includes eating a nutritious diet. Some of the best foods for a flat stomach include almonds, lemons, green tea, cinnamon, legumes, and berries.

Other culprits for not being able to get rid of belly fat are soft drinks, which are slowly killing you, low-fat diets, eating too few carbs, neglecting strength training, and lack of sleep, which leads to weight gain in many ways.

The abs are, unfortunately, some of the hardest muscles to tone in the body. The midsection is the first place most people, particularly women, store weight. It’s just the way the body works.

Trying to spot-reduce is an unrealistic goal. It’s simply not possible. The idea that you can lose fat from a specific body part by working the muscle near it makes no sense because muscle and fat are gained and lost in different ways. But there are certain fixes that can lead to a flatter belly in seemingly no time.

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