Why Taking Walks Outside Can Change Your Life

Even a short walk is well worth your time
benefits walking outside


If you’re looking for a productive, yet low-effort way to spend an afternoon, here’s your answer: Go for a walk outside! The benefits are far and wide; a simple stroll can work wonders on your mental health, physical health, and emotional wellbeing.

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If you’re not someone who has the luxury of a lot of free time, you might try to fit in a short walk on your lunch break or get off the train a few stops early to relax on the walk home. There is some evidence that the best time to go for your walk is right after you eat; but really any time is better than no walk at all.


You can fill your time walking by listening to a podcast or listening to music. Some people prefer walking in silence because it allows for time to let thoughts wander and can inspire creative thinking. Getting into the habit of walking has all kinds of benefits you hadn’t thought of — here are a few of the most significant ones.