8 Tips to Avoid Post-Workout Acne and Irritation


Rebecca DawsonYes, post-workout breakouts and irritation is a thing. Isn't it the reason why you're here? Well, the skin does benefit from exercise and there is no doubt about the fact. Yet sometimes it can result in those irritating red bumps and pimples due to numerous factors. Whether it's something you do or you don't for them to pop up, you certainly can do your best to reduce the risks by following the 8 perfect tips.

Cleanse First of All

Be it your usual skin care routine or post workout, you ought to cleanse. Skin experts strictly emphasize on how one needs to cleanse their face with a gentle foaming or a creamy cleanser right after the workout. It can help to get rid of the bacteria you might have collected on your skin. As well as stop the pores from getting clogged with sweat, oil, and gunk.

Exfoliate Regularly

Cleansing will only get half the job done, exfoliating will complete it. So, make sure to take a few extra minutes to step-up this game. Glycolic-salicylic acid pads to wipe over the skin can make it even easier for you. If not, then look for exfoliators which contain glycolic or salicylic acid in them. During the workout session instead of using a regular piece of cloth, opt for body cleansing wipes to make a difference.

Moisturize Generously

When you are done cleansing and exfoliating there is no way you can avoid the moisturizing step. The skin is prone to breakouts post-workout. Therefore, look for a natural moisturizer that's light and oil free in nature to keep your skin clean, soft, acne free and well hydrated. Common moisturizing products often contain preservatives and fragrances that can aggravate and irritate the skin. Avoid them.

Choose Skin Friendly Outfits

A close fitting outfit is surely flattering. After all, if one has got a good body who wouldn't want to flaunt it. But, if you're breaking out more than usual, tight clothes causing too much friction could be the reason. Man-made fibers can trap moisture against the skin, causing skin irritation and breakout. To allow your skin to breathe, wear lightweight or loose-fitting clothes made up of natural fiber.

Use Body Cleansing Wipes

Once in a while, everyone's wiped off that dripping sweat with their hands, arms or shirt. Haven't you? Well, there's absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. But, a lesson to learn - not to repeat it again. Instead, always use ready to use antibacterial body cleaning wipes. If that's too much to ask for keep a freshly washed towel always at your disposal.

Tie Down Your Hair

If you have beautiful long locks, then you might already be aware of how annoying it can get while working out. Am I not right, ladies? By just rubbing the hair against the skin in sweat can increase the risk of breakouts. In your case, this could be the reason for breakouts. So, try using a headband along with a ponytail to keep your hair at distance. Also, keep your hands off the face to avoid transferring bacteria from your surrounding.

Go Make-Up Free

Ever heard anyone going to a gym with makeup on? In case you did, don't follow in their footsteps. Trust us, if you do, the combination of your makeup with sweat will leave your skin way too vulnerable to acne and skin irritation. Skin experts, highly recommend not to wear makeup at all while training. It can make it easy for the sweat to exit easily. However, if you have to wear opt for mineral based light powders to let your skin breathe.

Do Not Forget to Shower

Cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing works for the face, but what about the body? Breakouts and irritation alone doesn't occur on the face or does it? When the sweat from working out mixes with the oily dead skin cells and bacteria, it overwhelms the pores and cause them to block. For this very reason, one needs to shower immediately after the workout with an antifungal body wash or a tea tree oil body wash.

Don't commit the same mistake twice, it might become a habit tomorrow. Learn and act, don't react!

Rebecca Dawson is a fitness coach with a masters degree from the University of Houston. Her passion revolves around encouraging others rediscover their lifestyle and inspire them for a healthy living. Her keen interest in health can be seen in her writeups that are hugely vocal about use of healthy options to keep oneself healthy on and off the ground. You can read her views on the use of tea tree oil soap, body wipes and sports specific products.

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