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Healthy Aging: Hobbies Help You Live Longer

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Aging myths might convince you that your golden years begin to fade the older you get, but the truth is that life gets better with age. You know more about yourself than you might have when you were younger, and unhealthy habits that defined your youth are probably a thing of the past. 

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Exercise and a well-balanced diet will keep you and your body in tip-top shape to enjoy the great days ahead, but the trick to living longer goes beyond the dinner table. Practicing a hobby could help you live longer. 

Picking up a new hobby can be a fun, new element to add to your day-to-day life, but according to the National Institute on Aging, it also might help you live longer. In a study conducted by the George Warren Brown School of Social Work Center for Social Development, older adults who participated in social or productive activities — like volunteering, playing games or gardening — lived longer than people who didn’t engage in activities. 

People who participate in hobbies and meaningful activities might be at lower risk for serious health problems. According to the National Institute on Aging, older adults who participated in activities they found important were reported to be healthier and happier. 


Living your life to the fullest is one of the keys to healthy aging, but there are more tips you can follow for healthy aging.