These Are the Healthiest and Unhealthiest Foods for Your Thyroid

The tiny gland can really mess up your health if you don’t take care of it
Healthiest and Unhealthiest Foods for Your Thyroid

The most important trick of treating any problems with the thyroid gland is to find the cause. It can fall in five major categories, according to Prudence Hall, MD, from The Hall Center, which include heavy metal toxicity, genetics, iodine deficiency, and gluten.

“In general, anything that is bad for the body is bad for the thyroid,” she adds. More than 70 percent of hypothyroidism – when the gland is not producing enough hormones – is due to bad habits when it comes to a person’s overall health such as eating too much processed foods and sugar.

About 20 million Americans have some form of thyroid disease, according to American Thyroid Association estimates. More than 12 percent of people in the U.S. will develop a thyroid condition, and around 60 percent don’t know they have a problem

This is because the blood work is just about 50-60 percent accurate, according to Dr. Hall. More has to be before, including answer an extensive questionnaire.

Click here for 20+ foods that affect the thyroid

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