Surprising Things that Need to Be Refrigerated

Don’t risk compromising perfectly healthy foods and products


Now is the time for spring cleaning; and if you don’t want to be cleaning your kitchen again in just a week, you should know how to properly store certain items.

You already know that milk, eggs and meat should be kept in the fridge. But take a look in your cupboards? Is your whole wheat flour there? That’s a mistake.[slideshow:100483]

While it is true that higher temperatures encourage the growth of bacteria, humidity and light also play a role in where and why certain foods and other products should be stored.

You may be surprised to find out that certain produce does much better refrigerated, even though you see it in that section when you go to the grocery store.

Some less obvious foods that need to be chilled if you want to store them for longer, as opposed to spending extra money you don’t have to buy them again, include nuts, tortillas, certain beauty products and fresh herbs.

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