Holiday Eating: Eat This, Not That

A few delicious food swaps will help with the struggle of not gaining weight


This is the time of the year to try tasty foods and not feel guilty about it. Studies show that a person puts on about a pound during the holidays, but if you’re not careful you can gain more. Special dishes for Christmas and New Year parties are delicious but also very tricky.

Making the decision to stay away from one or two of your favorite treats is always frustrating but sometimes necessary. You should enjoy the jubilant time with friends and family, and satisfy your taste buds, but be careful of certain items on the table. Pick your favorites and avoid dishes you don’t like very much because they may not be good for you anyway.

Make the right choices that will allow you to indulge, yet keep you from loading up on the fatty, high-calorie dishes that can quickly lead to unwanted weight gain. People consume about 600 more calories a day between Thanksgiving and Christmas. But not all calories are created equal, and those coming from sugar and fat will do more damage.

Treating yourself to your favorite guilty pleasure will not ruin your diet, but it can sabotage months of hard work training and following a healthy nutritious regimen. There is a thin line between staying on track and overeating. Some ingredients keep you full for longer while others activate the pleasure centers of the brain, making sweets irresistible.

Certain easy and equally delicious food swaps will help with the struggle.

Click here for bad holiday foods and their healthier alternatives

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