Grilling 101: Best Temperatures for Meat and Other Tips

Check out these tips to make sure your grilled meats are safe to eat
Grilling 101


Grilling can be a lot of fun, but it takes some skill and experience to get meat cooked right on an unevenly heated grill. Getting a meat thermometer is an easy way to make sure that you're not serving undercooked burgers to your backyard cookout guests.[slideshow:104219]

It's also important to observe other basic food safety practices while grilling. Make sure you have seperate containers for bringing raw meat out to the grill and for cooked meat once it's done. You should also make sure that you are finishing meat on the grill, rather than cooking it partially on the grill and finishing it later.

As long as you make sure to cook your meat thoroughly and safely, your next barbecue should be a success.


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