You SHOULD Eat These Foods Every Day If You're After 30

Your body won’t tolerate the nutritional abuse for much longer
Foods You SHOULD Eat Every Day After 30

What you need to consume every day depends on what your ultimate goal is. While certain nutrients are generally known for one of its major benefits – such as fiber for keeping your digestive system in tact – a combination of several will help your skin glow, flatten your stomach, boost your metabolism, and give you lots of energy. And these are just the basics.[slideshow:104279]

Let’s say until now you’ve had pizza for breakfast, burgers for dinner, and Snickers for lunch, but never gained weight or felt bad. Until now. You’re starting to see the effects of the abuse you’ve subjected your body.

“For anyone looking to eat healthier, I recommend making many small changes over time,” Amy Gorin, MS, RDN, owner of Amy Gorin Nutrition in the New York City area, says. “For instance, tomorrow add some veggies to your pizza. The next day, swap your burger bun for a whole-grain one, and the next day have a piece of fruit and a string cheese as a snack instead of a candy bar.”

Over time, you will not only begin to feel more energized because of these changes that you’re making are bringing a healthier diet into your life—but you’ll be more likely to keep those changes in your life because they’re small and don’t seem overwhelming, Gorin says.

A healthy diet is a balanced one that includes foods containing an abundance of disease-fighting substances, preferably without adding too many calories.

Diet is not rocket science. What works for some people may not be the best option for others. But certain foods are good or bad choices for everyone.

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