Foods You Should Be Eating Every Day

Your body will thank you in the long run


A healthy diet is a balanced one that includes foods containing an abundance of disease-fighting substances, preferably without adding too many calories. The good news is that superfoods don’t have to be exotic, expensive or hard to find.[slideshow:101905]

What you need to consume every day depends on what your ultimate goal is. While certain nutrients are generally known for one of its major benefits – such as fiber for keeping your digestive system in tact – a combination of several will help your skin glow, flatten your stomach, boost your metabolism, and give you lots of energy. And these are just the basics.

“I recommend to most people omega 3 rich foods, such as walnuts and salmon and try to encourage heart healthy fat sources (such as olive oil and avocado) instead of other fat sources (such as butter and saturated fats),” Monica Moore, owner and registered dietitian nutritionist at Body by Monica, says.

Diet is not rocket science. What works for some people may not be the best option for others. But certain foods are good or bad choices for everyone. Don’t get exhausted trying to remember all of the foods you shouldn’t eat, which will make you crave them anyway.

Keep in mind the few you should aim to consume every day and your body will thank you for it in the long run.

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