Foods to Avoid at All Costs This Holiday

Some treats are not worth the damage they do to your body
The Worst Offenders: Foods to Avoid at All Costs This Holiday


One of the reasons why holidays are the best time of the year is becomes the food is delicious and people often get to eat as much as they want, guilt-free – until January 1 comes and you regret almost everything you’ve consumed because you gained weight.[slideshow:103445]

Calories are important, but moderating your food portions is essential. Instead of piling on various assorted cookies, choose which cookies you desire the most and not just eat them, but enjoy them. Portions can further be moderated by sipping on water, using small plates, chewing slowly and sitting down while eating.

While you want to monitor your calorie intake as a whole, it’s more important to focus on the type of calories – whether from protein, fats, or carbs. Focusing on lean proteins and healthy fats as your main sources of calories will keep you satiated and your metabolism revved.

You don’t have to deprive yourself an occasional piece of candy here and there; just don’t let it derail the healthy lifestyle you’ve worked so hard to maintain.

Rather than avoiding certain foods, add them onto your plate while practicing moderation. But this is OK for certain treats; others should be avoided at all costs.

Click here for 16 of the worst holiday foods you should avoid

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