Foods and Drinks That Are Damaging Your Brain

Have you ever thought about how the foods you eat affect your brain and not your waistline?


The activity of every organ in the body begins to diminish after a certain age. Just as is the case with looking younger by taking care of their skin, people can significantly increase their chances of maintaining a healthy brain.[slideshow:102539]

“You are what you eat” has never been more accurate. Your diet has many invisible effects such as thyroid problems, chronic heart conditions, diminished athletic abilities and persistent fatigue.

Brainpower is not inherited or given; it’s achieved at the supermarket and in your kitchen. Stay away from unhealthy foods, some of which actually include tuna as far as the brain is concerned, that slow cognitive function.

Nourish arguably the most important organ in the body for a longer, successful and more productive life the right way. Other bonuses include more energy, stable blood sugar levelsstronger bones, and lower risk of heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease.

For every good food choice, there is a bad one. Sometimes it can even be only seemingly “healthy” when in fact it’s full of sugar and other toxins. Know what to swap in and out.

Click here to see the 14 foods and drinks that are damaging your brain

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