Foods That Add Hidden Calories to Your Healthy Dishes

You may very well be consuming more calories than you think
Foods That Add Hidden Calories to Your Healthy Dishes

A healthy lifestyle is fueled by nutrient-rich foods that give your body the energy it needs. Just because it's considered a “health food” it doesn't mean you should consume it in unlimited quantities.[slideshow:104165]

Without going to the gym, the time it takes to burn off deceptively-calorific foods (like hummus, rice cakes and quinoa) might make you think twice.

For instance, the calories in muesli bar take up to 100 minutes of household cleaning to burn off – while just two spoons of almond butter take up to 13 minutes of carrying bags upstairs. Budget Direct has created an infographic, on which most of the following list is based, showing how long you should exercise to burn off extra calories.

But it’s also important to remember that “healthy” doesn’t mean low-calorie. So while these foods make great additions to your diet, be mindful about how much of them you actually eat.

Everybody has days when moderation goes out the window. Keep your calorie count in check by moderating your serving size. And for those days when you really need an indulgence? Dial up the activity level to burn off that excess energy.

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