Easy Ways to Add Healthy Fats to Your Diet

Don’t shun good fats; your body needs them
Easy Ways to Add Healthy Fats to Your Diet


Many people believe that dietary fat is their enemy, especially when it comes to weight loss. But this is actually a myth. Contrary to popular belief, enjoying moderate amounts of good-fat foods like walnuts, salmon, avocado and extra virgin olive oil is key to adding good fats to your diet.

You’ll feel satiated and you’ll have more energy. Healthy fats won’t just fill you up, they’ll kick-start you on the road to healthier eating habits.

Dietitian and nutrition expert Joy Bauer is lending her expertise to the Team Good Fat campaign and has four tips for how to weave good-fat foods into your diet.

Keep in mind that when it comes to the sheer weight lossa calorie is still a calorie. You still need to consume fewer calories than you are burning. Adding fats won’t magically melt away the pounds, but they will support your goal of ultimate wellness and nutrition.

Go (wal)nuts


Sprinkle nuts and seeds onto salad, oatmeal, yogurt and pancakes. Also, get in your oh-so-good omegas by enjoying a handful of walnuts as an afternoon snack… and by adding them into meals for some satisfying crunch (2.5 grams omega-3 ALA fats per 1 ounce serving of walnuts, that’s the most of any nut)1.

Sub in Salmon


Replace your prime rib or steak with roasted, grilled or baked salmon (3 ounces per serving) to cut calories and saturated fat. Evidence shows that making this simple swap twice a week can reduce your risk for heart disease and obesity2.

Add avocado


Boost your intake of monounsaturated fat (and fiber!) by adding one-third of an avocado to your meal. This former guacamole staple has risen to superfood status—it’s a terrific topper for everything from toast to salads to burgers and salmon. Yum!

Opt for olive oil


Embrace antioxidant-rich olive oil. Numerous studies show that consuming a Mediterranean diet that includes olive oil can help reduce the risk of heart disease and boost your overall health. Substitute olive oil (1 tablespoon per serving) for butter when sautéing veggies, meat, or fish to keep your ticker in tip top shape!

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