Dangerous Things About Detoxing You Didn’t Know

You may want to think twice before fasting or resorting to that green juice as your only source of nutrients


Most people have already failed at keeping up with the New Year’s resolutions they made on January 1 and are thinking of coming up with new ones. Detoxing has been a popular diet over the last several years. Whether it’s a fad or a trend is early to say, but one constant factor is the lack of systematic evidence supporting either theory.[slideshow:100671]

Science is not conclusive whether detox is good for you. There is no definitive proof that such diets help the body eliminate toxins faster. Tempting arguments exist on both sides.

What you may not know, thank to clever marketing campaign promoting detox teas and diets, is that the body cleanses itself naturally on a regular basis without the help of pills, miracle juices, organic teas, or acupuncture foot pads.

Many toxins are used to grow the food we eat, so we consume the harmful chemicals all the time. Even the air we breathe has too many. 

But you can “purify” your body by treating it right. Stop eating junk food and replace it with healthy snacks, fish and lean meat. Add vegetables as sides to your meals and fruits to your smoothies. Drink more water and stay away from sugary drinks. These choices will do you a lot more good than dozens of detoxing diets put together.

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