The Best (and Worst) Foods for Building Muscle


Dr. Wayne Phillips, PhD, FACSM and Chief Science Officer at MuscleSoundMuscle strength and mass both decline with age. However, if you prioritize building muscle in the present moment, there are substantial lifelong health benefits awaiting you.[slideshow:101044]

Muscle mass is widely understood to significantly reduce risk of injury while exercising and in daily life through building strength in connective tissues and increasing bone density. Lesser known benefits of building muscle mass include improved balance, mental health, sleep patterns, and blood-sugar control. In addition, muscles burn more calories than fat – and at a faster rate. Therefore, exercise programs focusing on strength training can help you achieve a lean, healthy physique at a faster rate than purely cardiovascular exercise.

But building muscle doesn’t strictly happen in the gym. If you are looking to gain muscle and improve the overall quality of your life, continue reading for the best (and worst) foods to complement your exercise regimen.


The Best (and Worst) Foods for Building Muscle


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