36 Health Benefits and Side Effects of Coffee


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What is the most used drug in the world? It’s not nicotine or anything illegal. It is caffeine. And the most popular form it comes in is coffee. Many people joke that they can’t function without coffee. Others hate it. Coffee has many clear health benefits, but also side effects especially if over-consumed.​[slideshow:100686]

It is definitely not the healthiest beverage out there. Or rather, the key lies in the amount of coffee you drink. And what you put in there. If you have a sweet tooth, unfortunately have bad coffee, or drink too much, it can lead to some serious side effects.

As you probably know, caffeine can raise your blood pressure. It’s harmful for pregnant women. It’s also a drug, which can be addicting.

If you become dependent, you’ll need more and more to experience the same effect.

And if you try to quit cold turkey, you’ll probably get horrible headaches and mental fatigue for a couple of days.

What else should you be wary of?

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