20 Foods That Have Natural SPF Qualities

You can protect your skin the natural way


Sunscreen is not just for when the sun is out. Dermatologists recommend that people wear sunblock all the time.

Everybody gets incidental exposures of sun that in some cases can cause sunburn and significant skin damage. Wearing sunscreen on a regular basis can help prevent this. Harmful UV rays penetrate clouds and get to your skin if it’s not protected.[slideshow:102626]

As ultraviolet (UV) radiation can cause sunburns, wrinkles, lower immunity against infections, premature aging, and cancer, there is permanent need for protection from UV radiation and prevention from their side effects. Herbs and herbal preparations have a high potential due to their antioxidant activity, primarily, according to research.

It’s important to remember that eating the “superfoods” on the following list contribute to protection from the sun, it’s not likely that you’re going to get enough just from them. So keep applying sunblock lotion to all exposed areas.

Eating certain foods simply ensures sun protection at all times of the day and on all areas of your body.

The skin is sensitive and needs proper ingredients to repair itself after coming in contact with harmful free radicals. Don’t neglect it.

Click here for 20 foods that have natural sun-blocking qualities

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