17 Instant Energy Boosters that Are Actually Good for You

When a midday snooze is not an option

The post-lunch sluggishness that takes over in the afternoon makes people susceptible to ignoring the onslaught of incoming emails and other work that needs to be done before the end of the day. The temptation to take a nap in next room is becoming stronger.

Sadly, most people can't get away with a midday snooze while still keeping their jobs, but that doesn't mean there aren't other options to quickly boost your energy.

“The worst choices are ones with white sugar, corn syrup or artificial sweeteners like aspartame,” health expert Liana Werner-Gray , author of “The Earth Diet,” says.[slideshow:97265]

These are not smart choices for lasting sustainable energy because they bring it up for the moment but will just crash the body down. The final result is you feeling lower than you felt before having the drink, she adds.

Energy drinks are also among the worst choices for energy boosters because they are loaded with chemicals and just add stress to the adrenals and lymphatic system, Werner-Gray says.

“Look for wholefoods and natural sweets like fruits; they are perfect just as they are and will give us instant energy as well as sustainable energy,” she adds.

You are not entirely wrong if your first reaction is to reach for coffee – as long as it’s organic – but many people overdo it and end up consuming too much caffeine a day. You have a choice.

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