How to Make Food Your Friend, Not Your Enemy

Check out these tips for eating well while still enjoying food
15 Ways to Make Food Your Friend, Not Your Enemy

What comprises a healthy lifestyle is not a secret – better food, physical activity, enough sleep and healthy habits. So why are people failing in the “diet” category”?

They face barriers to eating healthy such as making time to plan, using their money wisely, and having access to healthy foods. All of these factors can make food and eating intimading.

Eating a balanced diet doesn't have to mean eating food you don't enjoy at amounts that aren't filling. 

Simple things like replacing certain foods with healthier choices, changing the way you prepare and serve food, and treating certain things as special treats can improve your diet without too much sacrifice.

Check out these tips for some simple actionable ways to eat just a little bit better. 

Click here for 15 ways to make food your friend, not your enemy

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