The 10 Best Fiber-Filled Superfoods

Fiber plays a crucial role in the health of our digestive system


Fiber is extremely important for the body’s overall health. It plays a crucial role in the health of our digestive system.

Research has shown that consuming fiber may help control blood sugar, reduce the risk for stroke, enhance weight loss among obese people, and may lessen the risk for gallstones and kidney stones.[slideshow:91551]

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Eating fiber-filled superfoods and taking fiber supplements are also great ways to effectively detox your body. Toxins tend to stick to the intestines and colon, and eating fiber will help flush those toxins out of your system. According to Dr. Shel, fiber grabs a hold of toxins and pulls them out through elimination. “Studies also show that people who eat more fiber tend to be leaner and are less likely to gain weight over time.”

With the help from the nutrition data on, I have compiled a list of the 10 best fiber-filled superfoods.


The 10 Best Fiber-Filled Superfoods


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