Tips for Beating Back-to-School Germs

It’s really as simple as practicing basic healthy habits


With kids heading back to school soon and the weather cooling down, for many people early fall is an exciting and pleasurable time of year. But one downside is that children are inevitably exposed to more germs.

No parent wants to see their child suffer. Kids’ immune systems need to be at their best. There are plenty of ways you can keep the germs at bay.

Moms and dads should keep in mind that spending long hours in close proximity with other people helps the spread of common germs that cause illnesses. So take the kids outside to play. You’ll be doing them a huge favor.

Luckily, keeping them healthy and free of the common illnesses is as simple as teaching them to implement a few healthy habits into their daily routine.

Here’s what you can do to ensure they’ll stay healthy through the school year and beyond.

Click here for 10 tips for beating back-to-school germs

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