Holiday Dangers That Could Lead to ER Visits

Spend time having fun with friends and family, not in the emergency room
Holiday Dangers That Could Lead to ER Visits


While the holidays bring cheer, they also bring some hidden dangers. Emergency room visits often increase due to holiday-related injuries.[slideshow:103453]

“The holiday season is a time for celebration and merriment, but also a time when the likelihood of accidents increases,” says Dr. Tania Elliott, Chief Medical Officer of EHE, the leading preventive healthcare company. “Take extra caution around holiday decorations, don’t overindulge with food and spirits, and wash hands frequently to ensure a safe and healthy holiday season.”

“Increased chance of fire from faulty holiday lights and accidents related to putting up decorations are common around the holidays, but there are also many seasonal hazards that could land someone in the emergency room,” Dr. Elliott says.

The first step in preventing an injuring is in knowing where the dangers lurk and taking simple steps to mitigate the potential danger.

Click here for several tips to avoid unusual, but common hazards of the holiday season

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