The 15 Worst Cities for Mosquitoes in the U.S.

You may want to spend your summer vacation some place else


The Zika virus outbreak last year terrified the world. The World Health Organization even officially announced that women living in areas where the risk of getting infected is higher should delay getting pregnant because the virus can severely harm the fetus.[slideshow:102130]

Still, a lot of Americans seem unconcerned.

recent Gallup poll found that 90 percent believe they are unlikely to contract Zika virus, even though the CDC has confirmed more than 5,000 cases in the U.S. alone since January 2015.

Make no mistake—mosquitoes are a public health threat. The insects are known to carry several diseases including the potentially dangerous Zika virus, dengue, Chikungunya virus, malaria and West Nile virus.

People across the country need to take precaution to help prevent bites. They are certainly unpleasant, and can be itchy or painful or both.

The bloodsuckers become more active as temperatures rise, with the biting season often lasting from April to October in warmer places with a lot of water.

The following list is based on research done by Orkin, a pest control company.

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