What Every Woman Over 50 Should Know About Her Health

That changes that “someday” may occur are happening sooner than you think
50 Things Every Woman Over 50 Should Know About Her Health

Reaching 50 is a milestone but times can be stressful. This is around the time when the kids are probably going to college, or are just moving out of the house, parents are aging, and you quickly find out that your body doesn’t tolerate what you put it through the same as it did a few years ago.[slideshow:104675]

This is the time to take a close look at your lifestyle habits and make the necessary adjustments before things get out of hand.

Midlife brings special health challenges to women, and falling estrogen levels is just one part of the complex problem. Women need to think about other hormonal changes that occur with aging. It’s also important to think about helping to keep brain and cardiovascular health in top shape.

All of these are heavily influenced by lifestyle. And none of them have to stop you from living a happy life for many years to come. You can keep yourself in the best of health, physically and mentally, but you need to avoid some common mistakes.

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