Unexpected Ways to Add Years to Your Life

Longevity is largely within your control


The key formula to living a long and healthy life is not a secret – eat right, sleep well and exercise more. All three will inevitably help you feel better and stay in shape. However, some small daily habits can have a tremendous effect in the long run. How you treat your body and skin impacts not only how you feel, but also how you look.[slideshow:95471]

Some of the most common reasons why you start to see wrinkles include cigarettes, sun exposure, UV rays, and, of course, age. These are the basics of longevity, but the reality is a little more complex. Do you know that drinking through straw and eating certain foods can also make it look as if you skipped through time.

Americans’ life expectancy is about 78 years. Exceeding it doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Getting old doesn’t have to be degenerative. Small changes can lead to significant shifts that can immeasurably improve people’s health while intervening with the natural effects of aging.

Some of the healthy habits that may not be as obvious include lifting weights because you build muscle which you need to regulate your metabolism, avoiding certain foods that lead to chronic inflammation, and eating nuts.

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