Travel Habits That Hurt Relationships

Stay off your smartphones and spend quality time together


In a perfect world all couples should be able to take at least one vacation together; only vacations can truly offer us a much needed break from the everyday rigors of life

“When it comes to sustaining your relationship, timing is paramount,” Dia Hicks, relationship expert and founder and CEO of SwaggerScan, says. “Waiting too long to go on vacation with your significant other increases the likelihood of losing the magic and luster that was there when you two began dating.”[slideshow:98801]

New relationships stand a greater chance of lasting when road-trip memories can make a positive imprint in both your memories,” Hicks says. But what happens when you don’t prepare ahead of time, or you end up overscheduling your trip? Duda Jadrijevic, Buddhist Life Coach & Speaker, says that making a busy activity schedule instead of using your time to re-connect and calm down from a busy life will hurt your relationship.

Make sure that you budget your money ahead of time to avoid conflict; stay off your smartphones and spend quality time together; and identify what the both of your interests are. This way you can both fully enjoy your trip.


Travel Habits That Hurt Relationships


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