Tips to Keep Your Kids (and Yourself) Healthy

Children learn by example; take care of yourself to model good behavior
30 Tips to Keep Your Kids (and Yourself) Healthy


It’s not enough to make sure that your children are physically safe by keeping an eye on what may cause injuries such as electric switches and other sick kids. Openly talking to them and doing what they should be doing will do wonders.[slideshow:103590]

Kids learn habits by watching what people around them do. This may be an overwhelming responsibility but it’s a job you have to embrace and do to the best of your ability. Follow healthy and safe habits and the little ones will follow them, too.

Certain ways – such as staying away from people who are constantly coughing or sneezing – are obvious; others may surprise you

It’s sometimes hard to make the right decision because the results of one’s poor choices are often not visible right away. Chronic conditions take time to develop, but they also take a long time to cure, whenever that’s even possible.

Don’t let yourself and your kid reach that point. Help him or her form good habits now.

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