The Surprising Secrets to a Good Night’s Sleep

20 good ideas for a restful night

Everyone at some point in their lives will find it hard to go to sleep at night. The medicine you take, your daily schedule and your diet can have a big impact on your sleep, according to If you have difficulty sleeping or want to improve your sleep, it's time to try a few new tips.[slideshow:103924]

Like eating, sleep is a biological need, and a recommended amount of shut-eye varies from person to person. Some thrive after seven hours, others need at least 10. There is no magic number, but there are guidelines.

The National Sleep Foundation recently updated its recommendations for how much sleep people really need. Adults were split into two groups – 18 to 25 and 26 to 64 years old. The numbers for both categories are between seven and nine. 

But the quantity is not all that matters. You can be in bed for 15 hours, but if you wake up every 20 minutes, you won’t be rested at all. This would be considered as less sleep than someone who laid undisturbed for six hours.

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