Is Stress Eating Away Your Productivity? Try These Stress Relief Tactics.


Leila Dorari- It doesn’t matter what your job is, at one point you will be sick and tired of it. You might have the best job in the world, but that doesn’t mean that it’s completely stress-free. Staying in an office for eight hours straight (and often more than that) can take its toll on your health and psyche. If you’re noticed that stress levels are getting higher and that you’re not as productive as you were before because of it, there are many simple, yet useful stress-relief tactics to help you get back on track.


Take five

When everything around you looks like it’s going to burst into flames or fall apart, and you can barely contain yourself from screaming in frustration, close your eyes and take five. It’s simple and unexpected, you might even feel it’s counterproductive (you should put more effort, right?), but it will help you relax. Yes there are million things for you to do and they are all labeled as ‘top priority’, but you should really take five minutes for yourself. Five minute breathing meditations will help you focus. If you think that moving will help you think more clearly, walk up and down a few flights of stairs or roam the halls for a couple of minutes to clear your mind. After that, you’ll feel much better and the tasks won’t seem so scary anymore.


Listen to music

There’s music for everything: workout music to help you in the gym, soothing music to help you fall asleep, and music to help you relax. Listen to different kinds of music and decide which one helps you work the best. If you are currently doing some repetitive work like filing or answering emails, you can listen to something a bit faster and louder. If, on the other hand, you need to focus, you can try with classical music instead. It might seem wise to always listen to your favorite bands, but it will likely distract you from your tasks. Find a good radio station and let music play quietly in the background while you work.


Use stress-relief toys

Sadly, very few of us ever get paid to play, but all work and no play will make anyone cranky. Luckily, there are many convenient toys that are useful for stress-relief and you can keep one or two (or ten) in your office to help you calm down when you’re having a bad day. Stress balls and Chinese meditation balls are old and well-known, but there are other, modern toys that are equally effective. Scalp massagers, kneadable erasers, fingerboard (mini skateboard), and 3D pin art are all toys that your inner child will love but which will help you calm down and relax.


Take outdoor breaks

You could use your lunch break to walk around the block and breathe some fresh air. Change of scenery is also nice, and you will notice your mood brightening up when you look at clear, blue sky and hear the chipper of birds in a park. Even the sort walk up and down the street can get your energy up, and make you think more clearly. These brief outdoor breaks will bring you new ideas and calm you down at the same time.


Clean your workspace

Do you get the feeling of dread every time you step into your office? Do you feel it’s cramped with unnecessary things and makes you feel claustrophobic? When you work with piles of paper and files, you can’t expect to have a relaxing workspace, but that doesn’t mean you should get buried under miscellaneous junk. Perhaps it’s time to get your workspace a makeover. Get rid of everything you don’t need, clean your carpet, and bring in a pot with a fresh plant. If you don’t have time or the means to do it yourself, ask a friend of a family member to help you, or turn to professionals like carpet cleaning service in Sydney. Simple in/out trays will help you sort your paperwork by urgency and relevance, and items you use regularly should be in a convenient place and not across the room.


Munch on some healthy snacks

There are people who eat when they are stressed out, and there are those who get cranky when they’re hungry. If you eat when you’re nervous or you know you get in a bad mood when you’re hungry, you should choose some healthy snacks instead of junk food you can easily find in any cafeteria. This means that you should pack some healthy snacks at home and take them with you to the office. If you have a sweet tooth, try fresh strawberries dipped in dark chocolate or raw honey, or make your own healthy chips at home.


There are people who work well under pressure and even catch themselves actually doing more work than usual, but these people are rare. Most of us have a negative reaction to stress and it causes us to shut down completely. Don’t put yourself under so much pressure, always put your own health and well-being at the top of you priority list and learn to step back when things become too hectic.


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