Secrets Doctors Don’t Want You to Know

Some of these are surprising but they can make you a smarter patient


Do doctors really know everything about health care? It turns out that they are very often more confused than you are.

People are often under the impression that caregivers and hospitals often treat them like insurance meat, but there is an explanation for the misconception. Doctors don’t want to harm their patients, but sometimes, despite their best intentions, mistakes and misunderstandings ensue.[slideshow:101932]

“It’s important to pull back the curtain so patients understand what happens behind the scenes,” Dr. Pawan Grover, a spine specialist, says. But they may not like what they find.

For example, a lot of people are on several medications, but health experts don’t know the side effects of all of them, much less when they are taken together, Dr. Grover adds.

Common byproducts of high blood pressure pills are constipation and dizziness. Your primary caregiver may refer you to a gastroenterologist who has to exclude cancer, and then you may have to go to a neurologist to dismiss other problems. But all of these doctors don’t talk to each other, and if you’re not proactive, you may end up taking more meds than necessary.

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