Real Women Share the Health Advice That Changed Their Lives

Advice you can trust from women who tried it
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Finding health advice is easy. But finding health advice that actually helpsthat’s hard. For women especially, trying to eat and move in a way that’s healthiest for you can be really difficult.

Real Women Share the Health Advice That Changed Their Lives

We’re barraged with fitness ads, diet tips, and health warnings nearly constantly. With all that health information so accessible, why is living a healthy lifestyle still so hard? Well, because a lot of the information we think we can trust is really bad advice. And, honestly, a lot of experts contradict each other. Some advice isn’t based on any science at all. And even when actual studies are cited, it’s tough to know what science to trust. Like, did you know there are studies that say eating low-carb is best, but also other studies that say eating low-carb is a really bad idea? It’s really confusing.

There’s also all the celebrity advice to sort through. Sure, Gwyneth Paltrow can spend $185 on her smoothie every morning, but that recipe isn’t going to do anything to help the average women of the world. And even if you did manage to spend all that on breakfast, what are the chances it’ll make you look like Gwyneth Paltrow?

No matter what advice is involved, all of these articles have one thing in common: They don’t say anything about the individual, everyday experience of pursuing health. That can get messy. And searching the web for tips and tricks to shed pounds isn’t going to make it any easier.

We found four real women, willing to share their stories with us. Each one gave us some insight into the health advice that actually helped to transform her life for the better — and what the rest of us can do to feel the same.