Protect Your Skin This Fall With These Easy Steps

The sun is not your only enemy in the cooler months


The unusually warm weather for September in some parts of the country may have taken your focus off the fact that it’s technically fall, but your skin will notice the difference.

It’s not freezing or sunny all the time, but the air is dryer. The temperatures are still lower than in the summer. Cooler weather brings the humidity down and the cold takes a toll on your skin. It also gets very dry from overusing sanitizers or washing it with harsh soaps. Turning the heater on at home will have the same effect on your skin, too.[slideshow:102609]

Basically, you have nowhere to run so be prepared. Your No. 1 enemy remains the sun. “We educate patients that UltraViolet A, the ray that passes through glass and windows, is present every day—even on non-sunny days, and penetrates the skin deeper than UVB rays causing DNA damage (skin cancer) and destroying collagen and elastin (wrinkles),” Dr. Adean Kingston, cosmetic dermatologist, says.

You probably know that you should try to avoid pollution as best as possible, stop smoking, and refrain from tanning of any kind, and that includes sunbathing and tanning beds, Dr. Kingston says. “The only tan that is ‘healthy’ is one that is applied, i.e. Self-Tanners.”

Keeping your skin hydrated is the single biggest favor you can do for it. But beware of homemade masks. “I see too many patients come in to my office after doing ‘home remedy masks’ that can create acne eruptions or even an itchy rash known as contact allergic dermatitis,” Dr. Kingston says.

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