This is How to Have an Active Thanksgiving

Make this Thanksgiving holiday a fun and healthy one both for kids and adults


Staying healthy during this season of overeating is more fun than you may think. A few new games in your routine will a lot more fun to that stuffy and delicious holiday dinner.[slideshow:102806]

The meal will always be the main event but what you can do leading up to it and shortly after will make a huge difference the next day. Most people feel like they ate too much and regret it. But why do you have to feel bad about spending some quality time with your loved ones?

Pay a little more attention to the pre- and post-dinner hours to avoid any negative emotions regardless of how much you ate.

As a day that revolves mostly around food, it’s only natural that you might feel stressed about overindulging or gaining weight on Thanksgiving, especially if you have weight loss goals or are simply working towards establishing healthier eating habits. The tips on the following list can help with both.

Jillian Lorenz and Ariana Chernin, the Co-Founders and Co-CEOs of The Barre Code have several suggestions. Some of them include scheduling workouts for the long holiday weekend to keep you on track, having a family workout class at a studio beforehand or day of at home, and a group outing on Black Friday for a workout.

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