Habits That Are Causing Premature Aging (Other Than Smoking)

Getting older before your time is almost always caused by poor everyday habits


The human body gets older every day; in some cases it is possible to slow this annoying process down, but it can never be completely stopped.  Time will leave its mark one way or another, despite plastic surgeries, yoga and whatnots.[slideshow:102561]

Premature aging is a hated process during which the skin suffers from an unnatural development, such as too much direct exposure to sun or leading an unhealthy lifestyle. This abnormal aging is almost always caused by poor habits.

Some mistakes that are aging people are too common. How many times have to gone to bed without removing your makeup? This is a lot worse than you think, even though it doesn’t seem like a big deal, especially when you’re overtired. However, overtime they will take a toll on your skin and leave you looking older than you actually are.

Did you know that drinking through a straw and yawning can also make it look as if you skipped through time?

Plastic surgery has its risks. So why not avoid such radical actions and stick to natural ways to prevent premature aging?

Click here for 20 habits you may have that are aging you

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