Five Best Tips for a DIY Howl-O-Ween


Halloween is a favorite among many Americans. It’s one of the most exciting times of the year – we get the change to step out of our comfort zones, spend quality time with our families, attend exciting parties, eat tons of candy, and dress up in crazy costumes.

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Families staying at Great Wolf Lodge will have an unboolievable time celebrating the season as Howl-O-Ween returns with newly enhanced activities October 1 – 31, 2017. From the popular Trick-or-Treat trail and the Howl-O-Ween House to Monster Bash Dance Parties and more, Howl-O-Ween will get the whole family in the spirit. 

The kiddos will be saddened to leave the spooktacular celebration, but the festivities can continue upon returning home with the following DIY tips from Lindsay Rauls, Great Wolf Lodge’s Director of Kids Experience:

Pick a Halloween theme and play it up throughout your whole space

Great Wolf Lodge

From your entry way, to the mantel, to your table scape.  If you’re hosting a party, carry that theme into the food you are serving as well.  It’s all about the details! Here at Great Wolf Lodge we have a Trick-Or-Treat trail stop themed as a Witches Lair. Ideas for décor here are hanging witches hats, cloaks hanging & broom sticks propped against the wall, potion viles, candelabra’s, and don’t forget a black cat silhouette! 

Creative food ideas would be things like “Witches Wands” (Chocolate covered pretzel rods), “Broomsticks” (Pretzels with pulled apart cheese), cauldrons overflowing with popcorn and a witch’s lair needs a signature Witches Brew! 

Repurpose old items with spray paint to make them feel fun & festive

Great Wolf Lodge

If you have an old candelabra for your décor, but it’s in a color that doesn’t fit your witches theme, use an all-purpose black spray paint.  Or many you have an old silk plant you no longer use.  Take the black spray paint to that and now you’ve got another perfect accent piece for your Witches Lair theme.

Hang things from the ceiling

Great Wolf Lodge

This helps create dimension in a room or area of interest. You can hang witches’ hats by fishing string or find a festive paper or felt black bat garland to string around your space.  You don’t need to do the whole room as that could become time consuming very fast!  Focus on an area your guests will congregate, so maybe around the food or a seating area. 

Up-cycle items that can be seen in a whole new light with a little creativity

Great Wolf Lodge

For example, take old pill bottles and turn them into creepy potion vials. Collect a few old plastic pill bottles. Use your black spray paint to paint the inside, outside and bottom of the bottles.  You’ll also need foam craft balls from a craft store.  They will need to be proportionate to the size of pill bottle you have.  Spray paint this black as well! 

Using a computer, make some labels with creepy names of things a witch might have in a vial….maybe Blood of Bat, Witch Hazel, Dried Worms, Hair of a Black Cat, to name a few.  Use an antique looking font, center the text and make it large enough so it’s proportionate on the bottle. Print the labels out.

Next step is to “age” the paper so it seems old and worn.  An easy way to create this look is to use left-over cold coffee.  Dip the paper into the coffee and then hang it to dry. Another easy way is to take a brown shoe polish and sponge to the paper.

Once your paper is dry, cut it to a label size and then glue it onto your bottle. Then, using a hot glue gun, glue the black craft ball to the top of the pill bottle.  You can wrap that with some dried moss or twig like strands found at a craft store.  

Sometimes minimal effects can be just as spooktacular if done in the right way

Think of a dim candle lit room with eerie music playing. Midnight Syndicate has an amazing collection of soundtracks available on Amazon.  The Halloween Music Collection or the 13th Hour Collection are my favorites!

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