Exotic Low Maintenance Cool Pets That Are Legal To Own

Cats, dogs and fish may just not be enough for you


Cats and dogs can be expensive to take care of, come with house restrictions, require a lot of commitment, and have a destructive personality. If that’s not enough, a lot of people are allergic to them. These should not be reasons why you can’t bring a cute little critter home. And it doesn’t have to be fish either.[slideshow:100738]

Whether you are allowed to own a certain pet depends on where you live. Laws and regulations vary not only from state to state but from city to city as well.

The kind that will better suit you depends a lot on your personality and level of patience. Some are easy to find while you may need a permit for others.

People who don’t have much time to be taking care of a Silver Fox have plenty of options. Taking care of a house friend from a different species is a huge responsibility but it doesn’t have to be a burden.

If you don’t want to feel trapped because you have to take 10 minutes several times a day to walk your dog, consider getting a chinchilla. It is a naturally clean and odorless creature that will entertain you just as much because they love to play.

You can also have bears, primates and large cats such as tigers as pets, but not in all states. Some places ban residents from keeping them as pets; others just require a permit even though it may not easy to get; and some have no statewide restrictions.

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