The Connection Between Vitamin D Deficiency and Your Thyroid

They appear to be a lot more related than you think


Vitamin D insufficiency affects almost 50 percent of the population worldwide. An estimated 1 billion people across all ethnicities and age groups lack enough of this vitamin, which is crucial for your overall well-being, according to research.[slideshow:101744]

The new recommended daily amount, as per the National Institutes of Health (NIH), is 600 international units a day. Some people, depending on age, sex, or pre-existing medical conditions, may need more.

The vitamin actually functions as a hormone, and every single cell in the body has a receptor for it, which is why it affects many functions and processes that keep a person healthy and happy.

It’s no secret that vitamin D is a crucial ingredient for overall health, glowing skin, and strong bones, but most people don’t get enough of this fat-soluble vitamin that helps the muscles, heart, lungs, and brain function properly.

Research has shown that 3/4 of U.S. teens and adults are “D-ficient.” This is a scary number, considering the number of health woes the lack of the vitamin has been linked to obesity, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and certain autoimmune diseases. Thyroid problems are some of them.

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