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Best Time to Get Flu Shot 2020

There is a best month and time of year to get your flu shot

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While you might be washing your hands properly and loading up your diet with immune-boosting foods, the single best way to not get the flu this season is to get your flu shot, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). However,  there are better and worse times of year to get your annual flu shot.

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While you can get a flu shot anytime during flu season, the timing does matter. According to the CDC, you should get vaccinated between early September and the end of October. 

These fall months are the best time of year for flu shots for two reasons. It takes about two weeks after vaccination for your body to develop the antibodies that protect against the flu. While the flu is around all year, peak flu activity in the U.S. is typically between December and February. 

The protection provided by a flu vaccine also fades over time, so getting your shot in July or August means you’ll be more vulnerable later in the flu season. That means getting your shot in September or October gives you enough of a window before flu season without being too early.


If you miss this window of time, however, it’s still better to get your flu shot late than not at all. Many doctor’s offices, pharmacies and more offer flu vaccines into January or later. Knowing the best time of year to get your flu shot is just one of the important things you know before getting your annual flu vaccine.