7 Top-Rated Health Apps That Support Modern Lifestyle

Rose Martin- Trying to lose weight or want to be fitter? Put your smartphone to good use and download a good health and fitness app. It is the perfect solution for those who don’t have the time or the inclination to go all the way to the gym and burn calories. A good health app not only keeps track of your food consumption, calories burnt and water intake, but also suggests diet plans based on your health condition and requirements.

Most health apps double up as tracking tools and coaching apps, offering services of a personal trainer and nutritionist for a tailored approach. These apps also give you a slight nudge from time to time for a motivational boost to ensure you don’t veer away from your determination to get fit and healthy.

Comprehensive health apps often deliver a lot more than a conventional gym does. Here’s a list of 7 amazing health apps to empower you with the inspiration to stay healthy and fit.


1. MyFitnessPal

Price: Free

Availability: Android and iOS

MyFitnessPal helps you stay healthy, tone your body, and makes weight loss easy and achievable. It has the biggest food database with over six million food items across global cuisines. The app allows you to import recipes from the Web, count calories, track nutrients, customize your daily food intake, and also monitor your everyday water intake. It’s almost like having a personal trainer and a nutritionist inside your smartphone. The app also recognizes over four million barcodes to log in your favorite food items.

The MyFitnessPal app allows you to join various communities, sends regular news updates and connects you with your friends for that extra motivational boost.


2. Yonder

Price: Free

Availability: Android and iOS

An amazing app for outdoor adventure enthusiasts, Yonder effortlessly connects you to people, places and experiences that fuel the adrenaline rush in you. Feel like going trekking or kayaking? Launch Yonder and it will show you all the places and experiences around you. With data of over 20,000 destinations, Yonder allows you to explore 25 activities of your choice. You can also follow bikers, cyclists, skiers, and climbers from around the globe and connect with them.

Yonder is a perfect fitness app that encourages you to go out and explore. It helps you stay fit by being in natural surroundings.


3. Forks Over Knives

Price: $4.99

Availability: Android and iOS

Imagine having an app that dishes out healthy recipes with the healthiest and the most nutritious ingredients whenever you want!

Forks Over Knives app has exclusive recipes that fit the popular whole-food and plant-based lifestyle category. An increasing number of health professionals are recognizing the benefits of such foods that can help prevent and even reverse chronic ailments such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes. With more than 180 tasty food recipes available with high resolution, beautiful photos, the app is perfect for health and diet conscious people.

For every recipe, the app shows ingredients needed at every step with just a tap and also makes a shopping list for the grocery items you may need for preparation.


4. Runmeter

Price: Free, Upgradable at $4.99

Availability: iOS

One of the best-known running apps for data lovers, Runmeter is rich in statistics, comes with highly customizable features, and is exceptionally low-priced even for its elite membership. It allows you to customize screens with the data that matters to you the most and is preferred by runners who give special importance to data and analysis. It collects comprehensive data and even supports seamless collaboration with Apple Watch.

The Runmeter app essentially tracks your pace and route through detailed data analysis and comes with a host of features at rock bottom prices.


5. Practo

Price: Free

Availability: Android and iOS

A complete health app that takes care of all your medical requirements, Practo allows you to book doctor appointments at hospitals and clinics near your area, order home delivery of medicines, set medicine reminders, enable online doctor consultation, manage your personal digital health records, enjoy reading health tips, and do a lot more. It also offers a personalized dashboard that keeps track of your medical history.

Its special filter feature allows users to tailor their search according to the desired criteria like area, booking type, consultation fee, time, date, day and more. In short, Practo helps you in taking care of your health/doctor needs in an extremely practical manner.


6. Pocket Yoga

Price: $2.99

Availability: Android and iOS

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro in love with yoga, the Pocket Yoga app allows you to practice yoga at your time and place. With over 27 sessions across varying difficulty levels, the app offers detailed explanations about postures, alignments, and the benefits of asanas. The Pocket Yoga app consists of over 200 poses with detailed voice and visual instructions including those meant for proper inhalation and exhalation. While a default music is available with every session, you can also play your favorite music from your personal playlist.

The app also maintains a log of all your yoga poses to effectively track your progress. It also allows you to preview a particular practice before starting to ensure you do the asanas right.


7. Johnson and Johnson Official 7-minute Workout

Price: Free

Availability: Android and iOS

Crafted by Chris Jordan himself (the brain behind the concept of 7-minute workout), Johnson and Johnson Official 7-minute Workout app gauges your fitness level and assists in regulating its intensity based on your ability. The app boasts of a simplified user interface that helps sail you through the complex bodyweight routine as simply as possible.

The Johnson and Johnson Official 7-minute Workout app is compatible with Apple Watch and is based on the theory of maximum results in minimum time.



Times are changing, especially when it comes to health and fitness. Modern-day apps are getting smarter and are adapting to urban lifestyle by becoming increasingly customizable to meet individual requirements. With the best of apps on your smartphone, all you need is the motivation to use these apps optimally and lead a healthy lifestyle.


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