6 Reasons Why You Should Go On Vacation With Your Significant Other

Advantages to escaping for a romantic getaway together


In a perfect world, all couples would and should be able to take at least one vacation together. Only vacations can truly offer the essential break we need from the everyday rigors of life. Relationships also have the same requirements. There's more to boy-meets-girl than just showing affection, remembering birthdays, date nights vs Netflix-night, and the occasional tag along for her pedicures.

When it comes to sustaining your relationship, timing is paramount. Waiting too long to go on vacation with your significant other increases the likelihood of losing the magic and luster that was there when you two began dating. And while staying together is one of the most important reasons to vacation together, Dia Hicks, relationship expert and founder and CEO of SwaGGerscan is here to tell you 6 more advantages to escaping for a romantic getaway together:


1. Brand Newbie:  One of the most significant times a couple should vacation together is during the very beginning.  New relationships stand a greater chance of lasting when road-trip memories can make a positive imprint in both your memories.  *Note: Be careful not to do vacation together too soon. This can set the bar really high and make topping yourself impossible down the road. 


2. Birthdays, Anniversaries and Valentine’s Day:  While it's almost expected that there will be a gift exchange during these times, the element of surprise works wonders for a relationship.  Surprising your mate with a vacation to their favorite destination would work wonders for any relationships.  Just be sure not to wait too late! 

3. Same Old Same Old:  Spending a lot of time together as a couple can make daily habits, routines, and activities become obnoxiously boring. Too much of this can crystallize the need for getting out of town together.  Tip: Try mixing things up by taking a road trip to the next town over for a concert or night out together.


4. Bad weather:  While weather challenges may vary depending on which side of the Mississippi you're on, they all can be debilitating.  The next time the forecast ahead calls for a week filled with snowstorms or a category 5 hurricane, escape down the highway of vacation-love with your mate for an impromptu road trip.  Tip: Don’t forget to pack your valuables!

5. Relationship Problems:  Almost all relationships have ups and downs and some even suffer from arguments and blowups that leave a dark cloud.  Regular occurrence or not, a lavish vacay may be a big enough band aid to cover any average relationship conflict.  Tip: The bigger the problem the bigger the hotel suite! 

6. Couple Goals:  Planning the perfect vacation may mean ditching the element of surprise and involving the other person in the planning process.  And besides, vacationing together can be very costly and you'll need her or him to understand the need to cut back on spending. Tip: With the both you watching your pennies you may be able to set your vacation aspirations higher!  Bon voyage! 


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