50 Things Every Woman Should Do in Her Lifetime

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50 Things Every Woman Should Do in Her Lifetime


What do you want to accomplish before you die? No doubt the answer to this question is different for almost every woman in America. Some women aspire to start businesses or be on television. Other women aspire to raise successful children or give back to a charitable cause. Now more than in decades past, women have access to the full range of life experiences. That’s why you won’t find outdated must-do’s for women, like “get married” and “have children” on this list — though those are amazing experiences, many people consider them optional now. Of course, there are many things about women’s experiences that could still improve — but why not make the best of what we’ve got?[slideshow:104753]

You’re obviously free to figure out your own bucket list. But these experiences were chosen because of the positive effects they can have on your life. Some are rewarding because of the thrill, such as riding a motorcycle or staying out till dawn. Others are rewarding because they’ll bring you more value from your relationships. And there are items on this list that are just likely to make you feel fantastic.


There are a few experiences on popular bucket lists that are kind of niche — skydiving, for instance, or trying a kickboxing class. You won’t find these on this list. Some people might live for those experiences, while others could really do without. This list is more focused on universal experiences — ones that we think everyone should get at least once. These bucket list items are rewarding and relatively accessible, though some are a little pricey. But every woman should try to experience these 50 unforgettable things.