5 Things About Social Media That Could Hurt Your Relationship

Disclosing all of your social media activities should be done with caution

Discovering your significant other with a dating profile is discouraging and not fun for anyone involved.  The recent Ashley Madison blunder, where adulterous husbands and cheating boyfriends were exposed, calls to question - what does one do to understand and prevent this from happening? 

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With over half the world population now actively using social media, more infidelities and breakups are occurring from the discovery of a partners' activities. And once discovered, what usually follows is an ugly episode of breakup banter across the other person's news feed for the world to see. 

There is still a gray area in relation to Dating and Social Media, which is why Dia Hicks, relationship expert and Founder/CEO of SwaggerScan, singled out these 5 things that could hurt your relationship.

1. Clear Your Search History Bro: Do this like yesterday!  Regardless of whether you're active on social media, there could be something your partner doesn't like. For this reason we ask that you read 2-5 after you've cleared your search history!  GO NOW!

2. New Relationships and Social Media: There are so many things to consider and agree on when it comes to your brand new relationship, like - will she expect you to delete your account or will she be deleting her uncomfortably-popular livestream broadcasts that have garnered 10k views. The most important thing to achieve is a discussion on this topic. Avoiding a discussion can end ugly and may appear on your news feed. Talk, set your boundaries and casually observe.


3. Giving Full Disclosure too Soon: Depending on the length of courtship or whether the two of you have known each other for a while, disclosing all of your social media activities should be done with caution. Your 'new boo' will have access to your work buddies, family and close friends and even your harmless ex's from college that have since packed on the pounds.  What you must do to determine your level of comfort regarding this issue is called visualization. Although an uncomfortable exercise, imagining things souring between the two of you and what this circumstance could mean on the accounts the two of you have connected on. Again, as unnerving as it may be to think of the day when your main squeeze hates the ground you walk on, visualizing such a day could help you decide on just how transparent you want to be early on. 

4. Too Much Social Media: The internet is a vast construction of many rooms where some internet-goers have one or two accounts, and others have profiles on every popular platform. If you’re dating someone who's active on the net, you must decide on how you feel and then work to set mutual guidelines and boundaries. This also is predicated on your level of concern. The amount of comments, mentions and likes your partner receives may not be of high concern and/or maybe your partner has little to no activity to monitor. 


5. Avoiding Social Media All Together: Soon all you'll need is SwaggerScan.com for dating, gaming and internet news.  Once you meet someone, you may begin spending time together and away from the internet. If so, then we wish you an amazing time discovering the many beautiful things in the real world, or maybe the both of you can discover a new TV show you both like. Either way, in the Internet Age of Dating, we wish you tremendous success!


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